Common Unsolved Debates in the Gaming Community

The gaming community is by far the strongest community that has changed the entire world. The level of brotherly love within the community, but as with brotherly love goes, both the siblings love each other but constantly fight over stupid things.

The same thing happens in the gaming community, everyone loves and respects each other but we also fight for the stupidest things. So today we are going to be talking about some unsolved debates in the gaming community so without further ado, let’s get started.

1. XBOX or PlayStation?

This debate has become the most wanted and the most difficult one to go for a platform as this has become the greatest debate of all time in gaming history and the gaming community every 3 to 4 years after both launch new consoles and it’s really hard for the gamers to pick one or choose one for themselves. Before it only used to be DOS Games, but today consoles have also joined the party making the decision even more difficult.

There are certain debates over choosing a console as for each leading brand there is another for its rivalry so talking about the debate which one to choose if we head over to the PlayStation has a great influence on gamers as well as Xbox has also a great influence on gamers.

Also, if we look at their exclusive games then both have a quite good and similar percentage of exclusives that are mind-blowing, somewhere PlayStation has an advantage, whereas somewhere else Xbox has an advantage so when there’s a rivalry between two then it is always hard to pick one.

In Summary to this debate, both have their importance in the eyes of every gamer Some like PS some like Xbox so if you’re even debating about anything then there’s always a reason behind it and it’s because of ourselves because “We demand what we want for ourselves”.

I hope it’s clear to you about which one to pick as doing a bit of research when picking one won’t get your hands dirty. Therefore, try to research before picking one. Doing some research about anything is the most important part of what you’re about to decide or choose so either it’s your studies or picking up a game or choosing a console always tries to search about it first and make other plans as well if that doesn’t work out.

2. Targeting a Specific Country

Not going to mention the name of the game but it had been through a great controversy as it was an FPS and shooting game and it included killing as well as murdering of the people and the only thing that got it to the controversy was just three words in total that were “ Remember, No Russians”.

I know you got a hint of that now it’s easy for you if you’re a gamer to tell about this game. As you can see it has been targeting the word Russian means killing about Russian people, so people raised voice against this game but somehow this controversy came to an end and people enjoy the game and from now on the industries have got a lesson not to target a specific country if they do then they might get into controversy again. The other game which I am going to be talking about is also a game from a reputable and great gaming industry but as the rules are applied to all so it also got into a controversy. And the thing which got into it was the adult rating content.

By adult means the game was based on the psychological horror genre. But the thing is that it also had included the word kill in it, you got me that’s the hint of that game.

Later on, that game was rejected by the Government. But still, this game never lost its fans because the storyline always matters and apart from all these controversies and debates or tragedies I believe they know what’s the hot deal, how to deal the people and how to cover it up, so you’ll find many controversies when you jump into the pool of depth of gaming community.

3. The Game Which Got Removed From the Marketplace

As being a game producer or director, you face a lot of difficulties such as criticism and racism. A game that was removed lately from was marketplace was about a top-down shooter that pits a grim psychopath against hordes of unarmed civilians.

Due to criticism and racism, that game was removed from the marketplace for some reason. Turns out the game did need all that controversy to make its mark, and even then, fell flat on its face.

4. Gaming YouTubers Or Streamers Faced Some Ethics Issue

As you know racism has become people’s new hobby and criticizing others is another thing where we’re good at. Few of the YouTubers which I know got a temporary ban due to some ethics and rules violation issues.

The ‘N’ word has become so common that when speaking about it we don’t realize what we are saying similarly a YouTubers, a gamer faced this issue he said that word and got temporarily banned or YouTube suspended his channel from their site. Here is a hint about that gamer, he used to stream Fortnite and still has millions of subscribers and viewers.

5. Performance Issues of a Game

Apart from controversy and debate, this is more of a tragedy than a controversy, As PC gamers used to troll console gamers and console gamers troll PC gamers and this goes on and on, so it was a complete slap in the faces of the PC gamers who call them PC master race.

These type of tragedies and controversies happens every year the game is released and the debate is itself a word known as a never-ending thing. Also, there’s a website where all the people either it’s an issue over a small thing sign petitions on a large scale or action is taken in the favor of the people who signed the petition.